DISCy Chicks

Avoid the Pain of a Bad Hire

January 12, 2021 Season 2 Episode 2
DISCy Chicks
Avoid the Pain of a Bad Hire
Show Notes

Avoiding Bad Hires in Your Business

The DISCy Chicks understand the pain of miss-hiring! Listen in as they define a bad hire,  why it  happens and the hidden and not so hidden costs of hiring mistakes.  They reveal the collateral damage these mistakes have on your business.  Get the guide "1 assessment used 6 ways in hiring"

This week's session is the prelude to upcoming sessions on how assessments can be a valuable tool when hiring.  Did you know  job benchmarking enables you to have powerful interviewing and selection tools for you and those that hire others in your business?  

The Chicks also have special guests joining us this month to speak to the power of improving your selection and hiring skills and abilities through job benchmarking and the use of assessments. 

Stop your pain...listen and learn from Cindy and Martha!

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