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DISC in Action - Carol Mettenbrink

January 17, 2023 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 5 Episode 8
DISCy Chicks
DISC in Action - Carol Mettenbrink
Show Notes

Meet our Guest Carol Mettenbrink, Director of Product Development for TTISI 

Carol has been with our favorite assessment provider, TTISI for seven years and has been using their assessment tools for seventeen years! With her vast knowledge of all of the products, Carol has worked with very large corporations as well as smaller companies. She shares stories of how these companies have used DISC Behaviors, Driving Forces, EQ, and team reports to enable leaders to select new employees, promote and develop their current staff,  grow their leaders and optimize team performance. She share an analogy of how  analytics are used in college athletics. As a leader you too can make better quality people decisions with data by using the assessments Carol talks about in our show. She also noted that the younger people are wanting to learn and grow in their roles, otherwise they leave. Investing in your people is a powerful retention tool for your business. Listen and learn from Carol, our expert guest with TTISI! 


Carol Mettenbrink