DISCy Chicks

DISC in Action: People and Culture Manager Amanda Moser

January 02, 2023 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 5 Episode 7
DISCy Chicks
DISC in Action: People and Culture Manager Amanda Moser
Show Notes

The DISCY Chicks kick off 2023 with a bang as Cindy interviews high energy Amanda Moser for our final recording for 2022! Amanda is one of Cindy's clients that is a BIG user and believer in the power of the DISC Behaviors and Driving Forces assessment. She was first introduced to DISC earlier in her career with a non-profit organization. Amanda benefitted the assessment when she (High Influencer) and her colleague (High Compliant) learned to communicate better and realized how much they complement one another verses focusing on the differences that may have created conflict in the past.

Amanda shares how she is using this tool for selection of employees and nurses at Next Move, a premier travel nurse agency. Amanda uses DISC and Driving Forces when onboarding of cohorts of new hires to grow their self-awareness and to understand the impact they will have on those they serve on the job, and she uses the comparison reports for the new employee and their manager so they can best understand how both parties like to be communicated with one another. 

Listen and learn as this high energy, seasoned practitioner shares her applications of DISC behaviors and driving forces in her role.