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Why Bother with Workplace Assessments?

November 18, 2022 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 5 Episode 5
DISCy Chicks
Why Bother with Workplace Assessments?
Show Notes

The client question that inspired this episode: "How can I get others to see the value in taking these assessments?" 

The DISCy Chicks  went to the experts in leadership development...John Maxwell, Steven Covey, Daniel Goleman, and Tony Robbins to help them answer this question.  Cindy and Martha share with you the themes from the masters such as  the importance of self-awareness, self-confidence, agility, and humility. Other competency themes are to seek first to understand, listen to understand (rather than to respond), and adopt a growth mindset. 

The workplace assessments that the DISCy Chicks have been highlighting over the past two years are excellent tools to enable the development of the leadership competencies that these four experts say are essential for success! 


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