DISCy Chicks

"D" is for Darth Vader and Donald Trump

July 19, 2022 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 4 Episode 0
DISCy Chicks
"D" is for Darth Vader and Donald Trump
Show Notes

Hall of Fame Episode from November 2020

Apply DISC Watching Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Watching the characters in your favorite TV shows is a great way to practice identifying DISC styles.  The DISCy Chicks changed things up a bit and came up with our favorite examples of DISC styles straight from our favorite TV shows and movies,

Want to learn how to translate people's behavior using the DISC behavior style? Listen to Episode 12 and learn as Cindy and Martha talk you through...

  • What each style is most grateful for
  • The DISCy Chicks' favorite TV shows (The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Star Trek, Friends, Seinfeld) and the primary styles of the main characters.  
  • The DISCy Chicks' own Mt. Rushmore of iconic characters' behavior style

Remember DISC is the science of OBSERVABLE behavior. As we talk and laugh through the shows and people you like (or don't like), who do you relate more easily to and who is very different from you. By doing this you are learning the language of DISC!